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Ventura Eye Institute is not just one of the best Ventura/Los Angeles laser eye surgery centers but also a reliable ophthalmology prevention institute. But who needs an ophthalmologist (M.D.) when you don’t need vision correction?

Most people mistakenly assume that if they don’t have eyesight difficulty, they don’t need to visit an Ophthalmologist. Or, that it would be more expensive to be examined by the much more educated Ophthalmologist (M.D.) vs a local optometrist (O.D.). Nothing could be further from the truth. All insurance companies recognize the value of having a true physician examine your eyes and they will cover exams by an Ophthalmologist (M.D.) the same as they would for a visit to any M.D.

Some eye diseases may not be caught early without a professional (Ophthalmologist) evaluation. When it’s about eye care, the sooner an eye problem is detected the better the treatment. Only Ophthalmologists have completed medical school (4 year M.D. degree) and have 4 more years of surgical subspecialty residency training.

For these reasons, having periodic visits to an Ophthalmologist is very important. As a worldwide leader in vision care, Dr. Ragen has the expertise to provide the best prevention eye exam. In case a disease is detected, Dr. Ragen as a Board Certified Ophthalmologist can also provide the highest qualified treatment you may need.

Laser Eye Surgery in California

In a complex Ventura/Los Angeles laser eye surgery center such as Ventura Eye Institute you will find all the eye care you need. We have departments for everything from laser eye surgery to cataract surgery to macular degeneration treatments to diabetic eyecare to general exams. We can provide you with the best care for whatever your needs may be.

Ventura Eye Institute by Los Angeles is a laser eye surgery clinic based in Camarillo, CA. and serves all of Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles County clientele.

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