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Discover the gift of vision correction at Ventura Eye Institute. Whether LASIKLASEK, or CK is the best choice for your refractive surgery, one thing is certain: you’ll receive the highest standard of care from the moment you first walk through the door. We understand your concerns and we will do everything we can to help educate you and make you comfortable with the treatment choices. We will not only explain everything to you in a way that makes sense, but we will also ensure that all of your questions are answered at every step in the process. Our aim is your complete satisfaction. This has been our main goal and the reason that we are so well known and respected in the Ventura/Los Angeles eye surgery arena. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions or if you would like to set up a complimentary consultation.

"During every appointment and throughout the surgery, Dr. Ragen explained what was happening and what to expect. He and his wonderful staff kept me informed and relaxed during every step of the procedure. I would highly recommend Dr. Ragen."
Paul J. – Los Angeles Police Officer

New techniques, products and technologies have made laser eye surgery quicker and more reliable, but still the most important factor is the surgeon. No surgeon of laser eye surgery in California is more experienced, caring and skilled than Dr. Ragen.

Dr. Ragen is committed to providing the very safest surgery possible with the finest outcome in excellent vision. For this reason, he is one of the country’s leading experts in bladeless laser vision correction. This newer technique virtually removes all the risk from the laser eye surgery AND provides better vision.

How does it work?

A lot of patients come to Dr. Ragen’s Camarillo/Ventura vision correction institute with vision in the “legally blind” range and some have had vision exceeding 20/20,000 before surgery! After the surgery, virtually all leave with their vision in the optimal range of "20/20” or better. In fact, the majority of our patients see “20/15”!!!

But what does this figure mean?

A patient with 20/20 vision means that he can see at 20 feet exactly what a person with perfect vision sees at 20 feet. A person who gets 20/15 vision (better than perfect) can see at 20 feet away what the person with no vision problems sees at 15 feet. And so on.

“I am 23 years old and have had to wear glasses ever since pre-school. To make a long story short, right before the operation my left eye was 20/200 and my right eye was 20/400. The day after the surgery both eyes were 20/30. After the three to four week healing process I now enjoy 20/20 vision. Without LASIK I could never pass the medical examination for the city fire department. I am really glad I chose to have my vision correction in a reputable Ventura laser vision correction institute. I owe my visual success to Dr. Ragen and I hope you enjoy the same results.”
Michael D.

A Pioneer in Laser Vision Correction

Throughout his career, Michael T. Ragen, M.D., has been a pioneer in leading the way to better, safer vision correction. So it’s not surprising that he, as a Ventura and Los Angeles vision correction surgeon, was one of the few surgeons in the United States to be involved in the early clinical trials leading to FDA approval of laser vision correction. Over the years, he has expertly treated thousands of patients from around the world through with various advanced techniques including bladeless laser vision correction.

Contact us today and find out why so many physicians and their families have chosen Dr. Ragen to be their vision correction surgeon.

California’s Refractive Surgeon

Michael T. Ragen, M.D., is passionate about his work, which is why he has dedicated his professional life to restoring and enhancing the vision of thousands of people from all over the world. Literally, thousands of Southern Californians have trusted him and his Camarillo/Ventura vision correction institute to improve their vision.

His commitment to quality and his excellent reputation have spread all around the globe. Numerous patients have come from across the United States and from 12 different countries, on three continents seeking for Dr. Ragen’s expertise.

In addition, approximately 100 leading physicians and their families have chosen Dr. Ragen as their vision correction surgeon… something that speaks highly of his skills and reputation. Dr. Ragen’s graduate and post-graduate training was done at some of the finest and most prestigious institutions in the world, including Harvard Medical SchoolUCLA and USC/Doheny Eye Institute. Quality and caring have long been hallmarks of his practice. Discover the difference commitment can make… like no other Ventura/Los Angeles Vision Correction Surgeon. Contact us today for a complimentary screening.

Refractive surgery: Excellent results

You might be surprised to know that clinical trials submitted to the FDA show that 100% of patients undergoing refractive surgery experience improved vision without glasses. That means refractive surgery could be a real solution to help eliminate or reduce your dependence on contacts or glasses.

Choose a World-Class Surgeon

  • An established FDA Clinical Investigator
  • The choice of 50,000 patients from eight countries
  • The surgeon of choice to numerous other physicians and their families
    And finally,
  • Dr. Ragen has performed more laser vision correction than 99% of all the doctors in the world

"My Lasik surgery is just wonderful! No more glasses or contacts. I can just make-up and go. Thank you Dr. Ragen for my perfect vision!"
Suzie R., Westlake, Ca.

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