CK - Finally, the chance to reduce your dependence on reading glasses!


Are you over 40 and tired of reading glasses? Then talk to us at the Ventura Eye Institute. By now, you have probably heard of CK, or Conductive Keratoplasty. This remarkable new FDA- approved procedure has been designed to improve reading vision. Once again, Dr. Ragen led the way with this procedure by being the first surgeon in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties to be certified to perform this surgery. Dr. Ragen is well respected throughout Los Angeles as a CK eye surgery expert.

The CK eye surgery procedure can be completed in less than 3 minutes. Best of all, CK is non-invasive and tends to create few, if any, surgical complications. Dr. Ragen can help you determine if you would benefit from CK, which is changing the vision of people over 40 everywhere.

"I want to express my gratitude to you and your staff. I have worn glasses since about the 5th grade and, after 50 years, not having to wear them is almost as unbelievable."
Dean J.

For almost two decades, Dr. Ragen has been a leader in refractive surgery. He has helped literally tens of thousands of patients to see well and patients have traveled from across the US and Europe to seek his expertise as a Los Angeles CK eye surgery specialist. No other surgeon can offer you safer or more reliable surgery and that is why physicians and their families from California to New York have come to Dr. Ragen for their surgery. If you are over forty and tired of ready glasses, Contact us today to schedule your complimentary CK consultation with Dr. Ragen.

About Conductive Keratoplasty

Conductive Keratoplasty (CK) is a non-invasive eye surgery that uses radio waves instead of lasers to reshape the cornea. Using a tiny probe that releases radio waves, the cornea is heated and shrunk. As a result, light can be refocused on the retina improving near vision.

Reducing dependence on reading glasses of people over 40 is the ultimate goal of the Conductive Keratoplasty. At the Ventura Eye Institute, Dr. Ragen can evaluate if CK is the right surgical procedure for your vision correction needs. Contact us and be part of the thousand of patients over 40 who are not dependent of glasses anymore.

Ventura Eye Institute perfoms CK Eye Surgery near Los Angeles, California.

Conductive Keratoplasty at the Ventura Eye Institute is a quick procedure done with only eye drops (anesthesia). CK is considered a safe procedure with no surgical complications. However, just like all other vision correction surgery, it might bring discomfort and sensitivity for a few days.

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