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Crystalens Eye Implant Surgery


Ventura Eye Institute is the leading provider of Crystalens eye implant surgery in Ventura and Los Angeles California. Through cataract surgery and Crystalens eye implant surgery, Dr. Ragen has helped thousands of patients across the country that come to Ventura for Crystalens surgery.

Crystalens Surgery in California

Crystalens is an intraocular lens (IOL) that replaces the eye’s natural lens. In Southern California and throughout Los Angeles, Crystalens has been an excellent option for cataract patients or for patients who need lens exchange. What makes Crystalens a unique intraocular lens is the fact that it allows patients to focus seamlessly at all distances. This means that with Crystalens eye implant surgery the patient will be able to see from near to far and everything in between; without dependence on glasses or contact lenses.

Focusing is achieved because Crystalens is the only IOL based on the natural eye ability to focus on distance, midrange, and near vision. It uses the eye muscles to flex and accommodate in order to focus on objects.

Generally patients do not feel any discomfort during Crystalens eye implant surgery. Dr. Ragen typically performs the surgery in approximately 5 minutes in an outpatient surgery center just a few minutes from anywhere in Camarillo, Oxnard or Ventura. Crystalens care postoperatively is also a very simple process.

After surgery Dr. Ragen will give you drops that you will need to put in your eye for the next week or two. These medications help the eye heal. Virtually all patients see well enough to pass their driving test by the next morning.

Crystalens Treatments

Tens of thousands of people have had Crystalens lens implants. Patients experience continued excellent vision for life after their surgery. Clinical trials have demonstrated the safety and tremendous advantage of Crystalens surgery. In California, Crystalens is quickly becoming the lens of choice for patients undergoing cataract surgery.

At Ventura Eye Institute, in the County of Ventura, Crystalens eye implant surgery is provided with the highest quality of care available.

Virtually everyone is a candidate for Crystalens surgery in California, but Dr. Ragen will review your medical history with you.

Contact us to learn if you are a good candidate for Crystalens eye implant surgery. Dr. Ragen will perform a thorough examination and recommend a customized treatment for effectively correcting your vision. At our center you will receive eye care which is unsurpassed in Ventura or Los Angeles. Crystalens consultations are provided exclusively by Dr. Ragen. Schedule an appointment and learn more about the number one provider for Ventura County and Los Angeles Crystalens treatments.

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