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LASEK - Safer Vision Correction


Dr. Ragen is renowned for his pioneering use of LASEK, or laser epithelial keratomileusis. This is a newer approach to laser vision correction. Unlike its sister surgery, LASIK, where a flap of cornea is cut, in LASEK no cutting is needed which adds to the safety of the surgery. This is the procedure that about 95% of his patients choose because it reduces the risk associated with laser vision correction and also because the quality of vision can be better. Because of the greater skill required to perform LASEK, not all surgeons offer this procedure. Dr. Ragen has performed more LASEK surgery than 99% of all doctors in the United States.

"After 25-30 years of wearing glasses (bifocals) and experiencing a dramatic deterioration of my vision, how can I possibly describe the pure joy of being able to see across great valleys and gaze on distant mountain ranges – or the joy of looking on a hawk flying high in the sky."
Edward R. M., Sr. – Quality Engineer

The LASEK Procedure

With LASEK, a mild medicine is applied to the epithelium, or outer layer of the cornea, and then it is gently lifted. Once this is completed, Dr. Ragen uses the wavefront-guided VISX Star S4 CustomVue Laser to sculpt the corneal tissue underneath. Afterward, the epithelial flap is gently placed back on the eye. The procedure takes no longer than traditional LASIK, but the benefits of greater safety and tremendous vision can be life changing.


There are a few slight differences in the healing time between LASIK and LASEK. The medicine applied to loosen the epithelial layer in LASEK causes mild transient swelling of the epithelium…this is why it becomes loose. It can take a few days for this to return to normal. During that time patients will experience some blurring and perhaps scratchiness of the eye. The tremendous safety and quality of vision achieved with LASEK make this a reasonable trade-off for most patients. Through the use of wavefront-guided laser and the LASEK technique, Dr. Ragen provides the safest and best possible results for his patients.

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