• Lasik


    LASIK surgery offers minimal discomfort and a rapid restoration of vision - sometimes immediately after the procedure. Developed to reduce or eliminate the dependency on glasses and contact lenses was a revolution in the vision correction field. Read More
  • Eyelid Surgery

    Eyelid Surgery

    One of the most effective ways to eliminate the effects of aging and sun damage and restore a more vital appearance is through upper eyelid blepharoplasty. Read More
  • Cataract Surgery

    Cataract Surgery

    Ventura Eye Institute is a cataract laser surgery provider in Ventura County, and provides cataract services and treatments to all of Southern California area clients. Read More
  • Glaucoma Surgery

    Glaucoma Surgery

    Every year, over three million people are affected by Glaucoma in this country and about half of the people with chronic glaucoma do not know they have it. At the Ventura Eye Institute we have ways to control glaucoma through medication, laser treatment, and occasionally surgery if necessary. Read More
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  • 1 It’s a miracle I can see!
  • 2 I am so pleased with my Lasik and also my new eyelids.
  • 3 A colleague told me about Dr. Ragen.
  • 4 I am so happy with my eyesight after Dr. Ragen’s laser eye surgery.
  • 5 Never did I realize how blessed I would be to have perfect vision at the age of 67.
  • It’s a miracle I can see!

    Misty W.

    It’s a miracle I can see. I have worn glasses and contacts all my life, since 2nd grade. I was very content with my contacts and never dreamed of having LASIK surgery. But, after many years of wearing contacts my last fitting was miserable. My eyes didn’t want to accept the new lenses and, because I was unable to see out of them, I was stuck with having to wear my glasses continuously. My optometrist mentioned laser surgery but the thought of it scared me. I already couldn’t see, and if the doctor slipped while working on my eyes I would be blind. When you have poor eyesight, the vision you have is very precious. Still, with all my difficulties I felt I had no choice but to look into LASIK. A fellow deputy referred me to Dr. Ragen and I made my appointment. To this day I am in awe of the fact that I can see. I don’t need anything in or on my eyes to see. It really is a miracle.

  • I am so pleased with my Lasik and also my new eyelids.

    Joanne P.

    I am so pleased with my Lasik and also my new eyelids. This change has made a big difference in my life. I feel younger. My eyelids look FANTASTIC. Thank you. My husband can’t stop talking about the wonderful job you did with his LASIK. Thanks to your team, as well. They’re great!

  • A colleague told me about Dr. Ragen.

    Paul J. – Los Angeles Police officer

    A colleague told me about Dr. Ragen. I needed a procedure, but I only had a short window of time before my insurance would no longer cover it. Dr. Ragen went above and beyond to schedule my surgery within the timeframe I had in which to complete it. During every appointment and throughout the surgery, Dr. Ragen explained what was happening and what to expect. He and his wonderful staff kept me informed and relaxed during every step of the procedure. I would highly recommend Dr. Ragen and his laser eye center in California.

  • I am so happy with my eyesight after Dr. Ragen’s laser eye surgery.

    Richard A. R., II, D.D.S.

    I am so happy with my eyesight after Dr. Ragen’s laser eye surgery. I had worn corrective lenses since I was in 3rd grade and never imagined I would be able to see without them in my lifetime. I found Dr. Ragen and his friendly staff to be professional, efficient, and extremely competent. I am recommending the Ventura Eye Institute to all my patients and friends who are interested in laser vision surgery in California.

  • Never did I realize how blessed I would be to have perfect vision at the age of 67.

    Elizabeth R. B.

    Never did I realize how blessed I would be to have perfect vision at the age of 67. After having very successful cataract surgery, and before being fitted with glasses for distance vision, I inquired about laser surgery. I was delighted when told that I could have one of my reading eyes corrected for distance vision with laser surgery. It is now perfect. I opted for laser vision surgery in California and I am overjoyed with the results. Never again will I be frustrated with constantly changing vision and the need to wear glasses.

Welcome to Ventura Eye Institute


Ventura Vision Correction - Vision for Tomorrow

Welcome to Ventura Eye Institute, where uncompromising standards of care and complete satisfaction are hallmarks of our center. For almost two decades Michael T. Ragen, M.D. has been providing Ventura County with state-of-the-art care.

Experience counts… Dr. Ragen, at the Ventura Eye Institute, has performed more laser eye surgery in California, including LASEK, LASIK eye surgery and Crystalens implants than 99% of all doctors.

As one of the most experienced experts, Dr. Ragen has built an international reputation as a top eye surgeon. Patients from over 12 countries on 3 continents and from nearly every state in the union have come to seek Dr. Ragen’s expertise in Crystalens, LASIK, and LASEK surgery in California.

At Ventura Eye Institute, we’ve built our reputation by providing the highest quality of care available. Unlike many practices who delegate care to technicians or other non-MD’s, Dr. Ragen is a Ventura County based vision correction surgeon who will be involved in every step of your care. You will always meet with Dr. Ragen both preoperatively and postoperatively and only he will perform your surgery. His personal commitment to his patients is why over 50,000 people have come to him from around the globe.

It was a wonderful and exciting experience to wake up able to see everything around me. It’s great, after 39 years, to be free from glasses and contact lenses.
Toni Y. – Wardrobe Consultant

We’ve designed our website to answer many of the questions you may have about the different procedures and services we offer, and we encourage you to look around and learn more about our practice.

Throughout this website, you will find information about eye treatments in the County of Ventura and vision correction procedures in general. In the cosmetic procedures area, you may also check a variety of cosmetic treatments offered at the Ventura Eye Institute. As you read through the website, see the testimonials of our patients and get to know more about Dr. Ragen’s background and experience as a specialist in laser eye surgery in California. We understand that when it comes to eye surgery, most people imagine complex or difficult procedures. We hope this website helps you to demystify these mistaken ideas.

Ventura Eye Institute performs laser surgery across California, including Lasek, Lasik eye surgery and Crystalens treatments. Below, you can check a brief explanation of the most common vision correction procedures offered by Dr. Ragen’s institute. – Crystalens, LASEK, LASIK and CK.

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