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Comprehensive Eye Exams


It’s a common misperception that if you aren’t having any problems with your vision, you don’t need an eye exam. But the fact is, there’s more to an eye exam than reading an eye chart. An ophthalmic consultation is not just about checking your vision. It is about checking the overall health of your eyes. And that’s where experience and expertise count the most. When you have a complete eye exam with Dr. Ragen, he’ll not only check your vision, he’ll also look for any other diseases that may not readily show up. The bottom line: no one is more highly qualified to ensure the health of your eyes than a Board Certified Ophthalmolgist like Michael T. Ragen, M.D. The consistency of working with one provider also offers the advantages of familiarity so that subtle changes in your vision that might be missed by a different doctor can more readily be detected. For many people, nothing is more precious than their vision. Dr. Ragen not only knows that, it’s the reason he has dedicated himself to becoming a worldwide leader in vision care. Contact us today to learn more about comprehensive eye exams at Ventura Eye Institute.


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