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VISX Star S4 Laser with CustomVue™


It shouldn’t surprise you by now to know that Dr. Ragen is as specific about the laser he chooses for vision correction as he is about the procedures, products, services, and patient experience he offers. Ventura Eye Institute features the VISX Star S4 Laser with CustomVue™, now considered the pinnacle of lasers for achieving visual acuity and accuracy. It is simply the best technology for refractive surgery available. The key to the VISX Star S4 is Wavefront technology, which has its origins in astrophysics. In short, when the Hubble Space Telescope launched, scientists learned that it had similar problems to human eyes such as blurriness. Wavefront technology was developed to correct this and other problems, creating a revolution in refractive surgery lasers as well.

"I would encourage anyone considering laser vision correction to wait no longer. I’m sorry I didn’t have this procedure done sooner. It’s amazing how fast you can see the results."
Beatrice V.

Wavefront technology not only improves how much you can see, but also how well you can see. With Wavefront-guided technology, 20/20 vision is a realistic outcome for most patients—many patients see better than 20/20 after correction with Wavefront technology. The quality of vision correction has never been better than with Wavefront-Guided CustomVue technology. CustomVue technology even goes further to reduce problems with night vision such as halos, starbursts, and glares. Whatever your vision needs, this is the laser technology that can give you the very best technological result possible. And it is the laser that Dr. Ragen trusts for use on his patient’s eyes.

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