Upper Eyelid Surgery

Upper Lid

It’s no secret that aging and sun damage can cause excess folds of skin to form around the upper eyelids, creating a tired or aged appearance in an otherwise youthful face. Fullness in the upper lids or loose skin can also restrict the visual field and create an impression of fatigue. One of the most effective ways to eliminate this excess skin and restore a more vital appearance is through upper eyelid blepharoplasty. This is not only one of the most effective of all eyelid surgeries; it is also one of the most commonly performed. Dr. Ragen has performed over 8,000 eyelid and eyebrow surgeries to restore appearance and improve function. Each procedure is custom tailored to you…making the most out of your facial shape and bone structure.

"I am so please with my new eyelids. This change has made a big difference in my life. I feel younger. My eyelids look FANTASTIC."
Joanne P.

To further enhance the cosmetic effects of this procedure, Dr. Ragen uses the Thermal Lid Contouring technique he perfected over many years to remove excess skin and fat to produce an ideally contoured upper eyelid. As a result, men and women alike achieve a more youthful, attractive appearance.

"Because I come from a medical family, I am quite choosy about who I would let operate on my face. After extensive research I choose Dr. Ragen. He is a highly skilled and talented surgeon. I am thrilled with my results!"
Patricia G. – San Diego, California

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