Cataract Surgery — No patch, no stitch

Cataract SurgeryVentura Eye Institute is a cataract laser surgery provider in Ventura County, and provides cataract services and treatments to all of Southern California area clients.

Dr. Ragen was the first surgeon to perform, in the County of Ventura, cataract surgery known as No-patch, No-stitch lens implant cataract surgery. This is the most advanced surgical treatment available for cataract surgery, in California or anywhere else. This procedure offers a new level of comfort and convenience to those who suffer from the impaired vision caused by cataracts.

Remarkably, this advanced procedure can be completed in under 6 minutes and only drops are used to numb the eye during surgery. There are many advantages to no-stitch, most notably a faster recovery, better vision more quickly and, of course, a shorter surgical experience. Dr. Ragen’s patients return to normal activities—without a patch—within moments after surgery. To learn more about the many benefits of advanced cataract surgery in California from Ventura Eye Institute, contact us today.


Cataract laser surgery in California is a safe and very effective procedure. At the Ventura Eye Institute, in the County of Ventura, cataract surgery is also a fast, no stitch, no patch method. But what exactly is a cataract? What are the causes and symptoms?


To summarize, a cataract is the development of a clouding in the natural lens of the eyes which blocks light from reaching the retina and causes vision problems. Generally, cataracts progress slowly to cause vision loss. Even so, due to the late or lack of treatment, it is still the leading cause of blindness worldwide.

There are numerous possible causes of cataracts. The most common are the excessive exposure to sunlight or UV radiation, the secondary effects of diseases like diabetes and advanced age.

Usually, a small cataract doesn’t cause any noticeable vision change. When developed, the most common symptoms are cloudy dark and blurry vision, difficulty driving and reading and frequent changes in prescription of eyeglasses. These symptoms are similar to several other vision problems.

For this reason, if you notice any of these symptoms, it’s crucial to have your eye precisely examined by an Ophthalmologist (M.D.). Only a professional eye doctor may check if you have cataracts and most importantly, evaluate the best treatment for your case.

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