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4 Popular Benefits of Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

4 Popular Benefits of Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

Aging comes for us all, and fragile, thin skin is the first to start succumbing to the effects of gravity. In many cases, this means eyelids begin to sag and droop, leading to a hooded look above your gaze and unsightly bags below your eyes.

At Ventura Eye Institute in Camarillo, California, our professional team of eye care specialists can perform blepharoplasty, cosmetic eyelid surgery for your top lids, bottom lids, or both, giving you back a younger, more alert look and correcting any serious issues.

The science behind drooping eyelids

Over time, your body produces less of the building blocks that support your skin. Collagen and elastin are important proteins that provide a sort of scaffolding, strengthening your skin, giving it elasticity and fullness, and preventing drooping or permanent stretching.

Aging, smoking, sun exposure, and squinting or exaggerated expressions like smiling widely or frowning deeply can cause wrinkles and facial sagging. 

The skin of the eyelids reacts to similar stressors by stretching, then beginning to sag and droop. In extreme cases, the upper lids can droop so far they interfere with your vision.

When to choose blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty, commonly known as upper or lower eyelid surgery, is a fairly simple process. We use precise tools and make tiny incisions through which to remove excess fat globules, then tighten the skin of your eyelids until they’re positioned evenly and crease normally.

If you have blockage to your vision, this may be considered a necessary medical procedure, and your insurance provider may be willing to cover the surgery. If you have questions about your insurance coverage, we, as your coordinator, can help you determine if that is an option.

If you choose to pursue blepharoplasty as a cosmetic option, be aware that while the procedure can change your appearance, it’s not a cure for serious body image issues or low self-esteem. Always make sure you’re pursuing surgery for yourself first, and not because someone else thinks you should.

Be aware of the risks before you decide to have blepharoplasty. It’s a minor surgery, but as with any surgical procedure, there are risks. Our surgeon will speak with you to make sure you’re fully aware of these risks, and that you understand the benefits and limitations of the surgery.

The 4 popular benefits of blepharoplasty 

Aside from practical physical benefits if your vision has been obscured, cosmetic eyelid surgery is popular for four persuasive reasons:

  1. It can help you look much younger, tightening saggy lids associated with aging
  2. It can make you appear more approachable, eliminating a “hooded” look
  3. It can help you look more well-rested, smoothing away tired-looking bags 
  4. It can make you appear more attentive, restoring expressiveness around your eyes

To learn more about this procedure and consult with a professional, get in touch with the team at Ventura Eye Institute. Just call our office, or book an appointment online

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