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5 Benefits of Collagen Fillers

5 Benefits of Collagen Fillers

Botox® isn’t the only injectable on the market. Collagen injections serve a completely different purpose. If your wrinkles are deeply set and sagging, it’s a sign that you need to replace your skin’s lost volume. 

Fillers supply your body with a fresh dose of collagen, which plumps areas of your face and alleviates wrinkles. 

At Ventura Eye Institute in Camarillo, California, our professional team of specialists can help you refresh your face with careful, precise application of collagen fillers.

An overview of collagen fillers

Before understanding how collagen fillers work, it’s important to start by understanding what collagen is and what it does for our skin. When we’re young, production of collagen and elastin is speedy and continuous. This keeps our skin tight, firm, and supple — a sign of youth. 

However, production of these proteins begins to slow down as you get older. As your body’s reserves wear down, your skin begins to wrinkle and sag. The sun’s rays can damage the network of collagen and elastin under your skin, speeding up this process. 

This is where injectables can turn the tide. Collagen injections replace lost volume, filling in wrinkles and giving you a smoother, more youthful complexion. 

5 benefits of collagen injections

Collagen fillers are one of the most common types of skin injections available. They have few risks and many benefits, including: 

No downtime

The injections themselves are quick and easy, and you can return to your regular routine right away.

Minimally invasive

If you’re not ready to commit to cosmetic surgery, fillers are a minimally invasive alternative that can provide similar results.

Relatively painless

Collagen skin tests are performed to check for allergies, and the injections themselves often contain numbing agents for your comfort.

Highly compatible

You can safely combine collagen fillers with other skin treatments, including Botox and laser resurfacing. 

Extremely versatile

Collagen fillers aren’t just for filling in wrinkles; they can also plump your lips and reduce the appearance of scars.

When to consider collagen fillers

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your lips, noticeable scars, wrinkles, or volume loss, you have options. A talented injector can use fillers and other injectables to take years off your face — no scalpels, stitches, or surgery required.  

To learn more about collagen fillers and find out if they’re right for you, schedule a consultation with the team at Ventura Eye Institute. Our staff works with you to decide exactly what injections will benefit you most. 

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