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My Sagging Upper Eyelids Are Affecting My Eyesight: Can You Help?

My Sagging Upper Eyelids Are Affecting My Eyesight: Can You Help?

Does the skin of your upper eyelids sag so severely that it impedes your view of the world? Fortunately, there is a special surgery that can fix this problem for you and bring your surroundings back into focus.

At Ventura Eye Institute in Camarillo, California, our professional team of eye care specialists can help improve the aesthetics of your eyelids as well as how well you can see with a simple surgery known as blepharoplasty.

What causes saggy eyelids? 

As you age, your body slows production of proteins like collagen and elastin. Without collagen, your skin begins to lose volume, and without elastin, it begins to sag. This is most obvious around the jaw and eyes, as your skin begins forming jowls and droopy eyelids. Depending on the shape of your eyes, sagging skin might cause them to appear hooded or sunken.

Excess skin or bags under the eyes are often dismissed as cosmetic concerns. However, if your sagging upper eyelids are hindering your ability to see, corrective surgery might be covered by your insurance plan. In either case, we can help correct drooping eyelids with a simple surgical process.

Introducing eyelid surgery 

Eyelid surgery, also known as an eye lift or blepharoplasty, allows excess skin and tissue to be swiftly and safely removed from your eyelids. You’ll look and feel younger, and be able to see without obstruction.

The surgery is typically performed as an outpatient procedure and you won’t be under general anesthesia. Instead, you will be given a sedative through an IV to keep you calm, relaxed, and in a sort of “twilight state” during the surgery.

Our team starts by washing and numbing your eyelid in preparation for surgery. Then your surgeon will carefully make a tiny cut along the fold of your eyelid, so the incision will remain hidden after healing and there will be no visible scar.

Excess skin and fat are removed through the small opening before it’s closed using adhesive or tiny stitches, If necessary, your provider can also lift the eyebrow and resurface the surrounding skin to reduce scarring after your blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty recovery

As you wake up and begin recovering, you will be monitored for complications before being cleared to return home. We’ll go over your discharge and aftercare instructions with you. Most people only experience mild irritation, discomfort, or itching as the incisions heal.

You won’t be permitted to drive yourself home, so make sure to arrange a ride beforehand. You’ll want to have supplies like ice packs, antiinflammatories, eye drops, and tinted sunglasses ready at home for your recovery period. Don’t wear any makeup until after your stitches are removed and you’ve received an all-clear. 

Having trouble seeing? The team at Ventura Eye Institute can help determine if you’re a candidate for eyelid surgery. Schedule a consultation by calling 805-388-1211, or request a virtual appointment

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