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Treat Glaucoma and Cataracts with iStent inject®

Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness, and it can’t be reversed. If you suffer from glaucoma and plan on undergoing cataract surgery, you might be eligible for iStent inject®, a small implant that helps manage intraocular pressure. 

This device can help slow down and prevent the progression of glaucoma. Combined with cataract surgery, you can treat two conditions at once and begin seeing the world in a new way. 

At Ventura Eye Institute in Camarillo, California, our professional team of eye care specialists can provide iStent to treat glaucoma and cataracts simultaneously.

An overview of glaucoma and cataracts

Glaucoma and cataracts are both conditions that affect the eye, but there are many differences between them. Cataracts occur when the lens of your eye begins to cloud over, which causes foggy vision. Once the clouded lens has been replaced, your vision should improve. 

Glaucoma is a condition that affects the optic nerve. This is caused by increased intraocular pressure in your eye. As the pressure rises, the optic nerve begins to deteriorate. Over time, glaucoma will worsen and lead to blindness. 

Modern medicine has found a way to effectively reverse cataracts, but glaucoma is progressive and permanent. While there is no way to reverse glaucoma, you can slow or stop its progress and preserve your vision for as long as possible. 

This can be done using medication, but breakthroughs in implant technology have allowed researchers to develop iStent, which reduces pressure in your eye mechanically. 

Understanding iStent

Stents are an important part of many different surgeries, including heart operations. They’re used when blood vessels or other passageways need to be kept open. iStent developers took this concept and shrunk it down to fit within the eye. 

The stents are 100 times smaller than a penny, making them the smallest devices to be implanted in the human body. 

These tiny stents regulate pressure within the eye, which prevents further damage to the optic nerve. In some cases, iStent implants can manage your glaucoma so effectively that your doctor might recommend lowering your medication dosage. 

How to tell if you’re a candidate 

iStent can be implanted during cataract surgery, which saves time, money, and hassle for you and your surgeon. By placing the iStent implant and intraocular lens during the same surgery, you can clear up your eyesight and prevent further vision loss at the same time.  

If you have been diagnosed with both glaucoma and cataracts, you might be able to receive  iStent during your cataract surgery. Your doctor can explain both procedures in detail and help you decide if the procedure is right for you. 

Are you interested in iStent? The team at Ventura Eye Institute can explain the process in detail during your consultation. To schedule an appointment, call 805-388-1211, or book online.

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