What to Look for in Sunglasses and the Importance of Protecting Your Eyes Year-Round in Southern Cal

Are you from Southern California? Then you know the dangers sun rays can pose on your skin. Which is why you wear sunscreen, hats, and stay indoors when the sun is at its highest point. You probably wear SPF lip gloss, right? But what about eye protection? What are you doing to keep the sun from damaging your eyes?

At Ventura Eye Institute, Inc. in Ventura, California, ophthalmologist Dr. Michael Ragen has some important information for South Californians. Keep reading to find out how you can protect your eyes from the sun all year long:

Why are the sun’s rays dangerous?

Sunlight emits UV radiation across all wavelengths. But the most dangerous UV rays are from short wavelengths. What does this mean? Your risk is greatest when the sun is directly overhead, and when there's cloud cover. It also means that the closer you are to the equator, the stronger the UV index is, putting you at even more risk.

While most people are aware of the increased risks for skin cancer, not as many know the dangers UV rays pose to their eyes. If you live in Southern California and spend a lot of time in the sun, you should be protecting your eyes.

UV absorption can cause conjunctivitis, macular degeneration, photosensitivity, and cataracts. You could also be at risk for skin cancer on the eyelids. Not to mention, direct damage to the cornea can cause vision loss.

How to choose the right eye protection

Regular glasses and contact lenses won’t protect your eyes from UV rays. In fact, not all sunglasses offer UV protection. Even commonly sold “UV sunglasses” may not provide the protection you need in South California. Here’s what you should look for when sunglass shopping:

We know you love the Southern California sun, but don't forget about your health. Use sunscreen on your eyelids and invest in a pair of high-quality UV blocking sunglasses. By protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays, you can mitigate your risk of vision damage

Learn more on how to protect your eyes today! Contact our office at 805-250-9723 or book an appointment with Dr. Ragen online.

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