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4 Benefits of Eyelid Surgery

Blepharoplasty: That’s a funny word, right? Despite its funny name, blepharoplasty — more commonly known as eyelid surgery — involves removing excess or sagging tissue around your eyelids. It’s a minimally invasive procedure, but you will need some time (typically a couple of days) to rest and recover. 

What might really surprise you is that the benefits of eyelid surgery are equally functional and aesthetic. 

Eyelid surgery is typically seen as a cosmetic procedure, but Dr. Michael Ragen and Dr. Kyle Huynh of Ventura Eye Institute can tell you that patients are ecstatic when they experience the functional benefits of eyelid surgery. 

Considering eyelid surgery yourself? Here are four big benefits that might persuade you to go for it after all. 

1. Eyelid surgery can help you see better

If you have a lot of extra skin around your eyes, your eyelids might actually be impeding your vision. Eyelid surgery, particularly on the top eyelid, can remove any excess skin that falls into your line of sight, allowing you to once again see full-frame and free of obstruction. 

2. Eyelid surgery can reduce miscommunications

Ah, the most underappreciated (and definitely lesser known) benefit of eyelid surgery. You probably “read” people by looking at or in their eyes, right? You probably also know that people “read” you by looking at or in your eyes.

If you have a lot of saggy, baggy, or puffy skin around your eyes, people may have trouble reading you, and may even misinterpret your facial expressions. 

For example, droopy eyelids may make you look very tired all the time, and scientists have proven that people tend to interact less with people who look tired. 

3. Eyelid surgery can reduce wrinkles and fine lines

This is an obvious benefit, and one of the most common reasons for pursuing eyelid surgery.

Everyone wants to look younger, and reducing wrinkles is a surefire approach. By removing excess skin around your eyes, blepharoplasty can give you a more youthful, refreshed appearance.

4. Eyelid surgery can minimize puffy bags

Like mentioned above, excess eyelid skin can make you look tired even when you aren’t. This is especially true if your excess skin tends to be a bit puffy. Dr. Ragen and Dr. Huynh can remove puffy skin during eyelid surgery to minimize that tired appearance.

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